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The Quest, A journey towards the goal, is the services towards students’ community for making their dream into a reality- through proper counseling and guidance step by step. The job and career in Pharma Industry are by and large very lucrative and rewarding. This is a job where literally, the sky is the limit provided one has the interest and sincerity to develop oneself.

The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is the third largest in the world. It expects to reach US $ 50 BILLION WITHIN 2020 FROM PRESENT DAY TURN OVER OF US $ 12 BILLION.

In Pharmaceutical industry, people join from different segments such as Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Management and Science back ground but they have knowledge for their respective field where as in Pharmaceutical industry one must have the sum total knowledge of the above fields which is not possible through the present stream of education.

Keeping this in mind we have designed a crash course i.e. Certificate course in Pharmaceutical Management & Certificate course in Pharmaceutical and Product Management which will give the firsthand knowledge of the above fields in a concise manner.

Besides this one has to be aware that Pharma Industry is a communication industry. One must have good communication ability to succeed in this field and in India good communication means good command over English. This crash course will help to improve the communication ability as well.

Through the above course, one will be able to calculate numerical calculation effectively which is the integral part of the pharma industry.

After completion of the course, one will be able to design Promotional tools for the promotion of the brands to the Medical Fraternity and also the proper implication of Medical Terminology in the promo inputs.

More over Pharmaceutical selling is not a direct selling. It is absolutely indirect way of selling .Here we cannot reach to our ultimate customer where as in other selling professions we can reach to our ultimate customer or buyer. That’s why Pharmaceutical selling is different from other selling professions. The management programme which are prevailing in the colleges and universities basically throw light on direct selling, they do not cover Pharma selling and Product development related to Pharma industry. The Module 5 in the above course has dealt with at length and will give brief and clear cut idea regarding Pharma selling and Product development and launching of brands in Pharma industry.

Above all this course will provide vivid idea regarding reporting system, legal procedure, distribution net work and bar coding etc.

In a nut shell, this crash course will improve the overall knowledge skill, communication skill, problem solving skill, conceptual skill and design skill.

Lastly ,The course is conducted by highly experienced professionals and our main faculty member is Dr. Bijoy Deb and Mr. Arindam Mitra who have working experience of 25 yrs in the Pharmaceutical industry and worked for companies like Dabur, DRL, Kopran , BE, Orchid , Alkem, Geno, Emcure Zuventus, Indswift, Alteus Biogenics, DuckBill Drugs, Mendine, Medichem – PMT (Marketing, Training & Sales).

Presently, Dr. Deb is associated with La Biogenics as a Director – Medical Services and Training; Ceyone Nutri India Pvt. Ltd., as a Head- Product Development & Training and Medichem India Pvt. Ltd. as a Vice President- Marketing & Training and Mr. Mitra is overall in charge of Duckbill Drugs and Marketing Consultant of Medichem India Pvt Ltd.

Training Division

IPM has its own Training Division. We also provide corporate trainings in the following areas. We can even provide if there is any specific training requirement too.